MagnEarrings™ by MrTitanium

Are Comfortable, Hypoallergenic, Magnetically Held Earrings Right for you?

  • Are your ears not pierced?
  • Do you just want to give your extra holes a rest?
  • Do you just want to wear a spot of color somewhere different?
  • Do you believe in the restorative and health benefits of wearing magnets?

MagnEarrings™ are Magnetically attached Earrings. MrTitanium's earring designs held in place by light and strong neodymium magnets.
The art goes on the outside, and a small magnet on the other side of the lobe or arch of the ear holds it in place. They are easy to relocate, yet hold firmly and comfortably in place.

The magnets themselves are hypoallergenic gold plated or epoxy coated for long term comfort.

Visit my page of Unique titanium jewelry to see the MagnEarrings that I have in stock,