MrTitanium's Samples of Commissions

Here are a few of the pieces that have been special ordered by people.

Square Post Earrings I received a request from a repeat customer for a pair of big (1" square) post earrings with colors resembling copper, bronze, and/or verdigris.
I couldn't make up my mind, so I had some fun and made up 3 pairs, thinking that I could sell the other 2 here on my site.
Well, my client liked all 3 so well that she bought all 3!

Left: the 3 pairs under 2 different lighting conditions.
Below: Detail of the welded-on posts.
Square Stud Earrings
This set of earrings is described and shown in my making earrings page.
These earrings were ordered by an author to go with the pendant shown near the bottom of my Artist Page
This pendant was ordered to resemble the pendant shown near the bottom of my Artist Page. The design is different, and this one has a pure titanium chain, rings, and hook!
These ear cuffs were ordered as something more feminine and less yellow than the ones I had shown on my Art for Sale page. This young woman wanted one cuff, I gave her a choice of the 2, and she bought both!
This titanium cross was special ordered by a Texan.
These matched pins were ordered as uniform insignia inspired by another pendant shown near the bottom of my Artist Page

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