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last updated December 4, 2008

Start Page

About the Artist
-- Buyer testimonials
-- Examples of Commissioned Pieces
Shows and Shops

Shopping Page
-- Titanium Chains Selector page
-- Titanium French Hooks selector page
-- Titanium Ball Posts Compare and buy page
-- Clocks details page
-- Shopping Cart
-- Privacy and Return policies

What is Titanium? (technical)
What is Titanium? (new-age)
List of Titanium Grades
Why Titanium is Lightweight
Care of Titanium Jewelry
Magnetically held (postless) earring description page

Making commissioned Earrings, Pictorial step-by-step
Physics of Dye-Free Anodized Color (how it works)
How to Anodize
How to Build an Anodizer Cheaply
Home-made Anodizer Examples from readers and Dan
MrTitanium Builds an Anodizer: Pictorial
About Rutile/Rutilated Quartz (pretty titanium ore)

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