MrTitanium's Titanium Jewelry Testimonials

Following are a few selected reactions of some of the people who've visited my site and/or bought from me (mainly from my Art for Sale page).
These are raw excerpts from their (unsolicited) emails, or from my Feedback Form
I don't make this stuff up. The original text is untouched except for clarifications between square brackets.
Some of the items discussed are shown on my Special Orders page

I ordered the small crescent moons and the rainbow twist earrings and I wanted to let you know that I LOVE them.
Your delivery service is really awesome. I was shocked that they arrived so quickly.

Thanks very much,
Paula, Austin, TX (Nov 2012)
I purchased the 2 inch pair of your dangle (sheppard's hook) earrings. Not just beautiful, not just comfortable, but they are balanced in the ear, and do not require special backs to keep them in place.
Obviously you know what you are doing!
Barb, Everett, WA (August 2010)
Dear Mr. Titanium---
The best compliment is a reorder. I have now ordered from you 4 times, and each time my earrings delight me. I especially appreciate your extremely fast service, your craftsmanship, and the quality of the pure titanium which you use. Thank you so much once again. I love my new earrings!
Jacqui from Miami (May 2010)
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for my earrings! I got simple ball posts but I love them to death! I haven't been able to wear earrings in about 7 years! I can finally wear them, sleep in them, and enjoy being pain free! The shipping was so fast! Everything was great! I will recommend you to everyone who needs hypoallergenic earrings! Thanks!
Leya (Milwaukee, April 2010)
I received my beautiful earriings today, I am delighted with them. I've been wearing titanium earrings exclusively for almost 20 years but have never been able to find posts. Gorgeous.
Thank you again, Take care,
Karen (Rockwood, Ontario, March 2010)
I was the one who ordered the 2 pairs of earings that had the wrong address that you were able to change. I just wanted to thank you, the earings came and my daughter put the purple hoops on right away and just loved them. I was a pleasure doing business with you and I look foward to ordering other products from you in the future.
Meryl (New Jersey, December 2009)
Thank you for making such a wonderful Titanium product and the only Titanium ball chain I have ever seen. I have worn mine comfortably for a long time and love it so much I just ordered and received a couple more.
Kudos for the excellent product and service.
Dave (Utah, August 2009)
Hello! I must say you've made my week! I just received your little ball posts in the mail yesterday. I haven't been able to wear earrings for five years now due to allergies. I've even had ear surgery because of the severity of my allergies to metals.
When I got your package, I quickly cleaned them and put them in my ears, and to my surprise, I didn't have a reaction! I'm allergic to surgical steel, but not titanium! I am sooo thankful for your earrings.
It's time for me to order some of your hooks and reclaim all of those earrings given to me as gifts that I couldn't wear from my sister!
Sorry for being so long winded, I am just so excited!
I really appreciate your personal attention to my detailed needs.
Marie (Louisiana, December 2008)

I would like to thank you for the beautiful earrings!
They arrived much quicker than I expected.
They are more beautiful in person than on your page!
Be sure that when I purchase more jewelry it will be from you. Once again thanks for the beautiful jewelry and the very fast delivery.
Virginia (August 2008)

Thank you very much for the beautiful jewelry.
It's hard to compare, but I firmly believe the only thing that can come close to the quality of the art is your customer service.
I was nervous about a special order but your prices are reasonable and I just can't say enough about your quality.
The earrings would have been enough, but my wife is raving about the [rainbow] chain.
You sir have earned repeat business along with a lot of word of mouth advertising.
Steffen (Massachusetts, July 2008)

I am very satisfied and thankful for the fast shippment.
Best regards
Krzysztof (Kraków, Poland, June 2008)

Thank you for the fast delivery of my short twist earings. I am allergic to nickel so titanium is one of the only metals I can wear but most of the titanium stuff online can look the same. Yours are completely unique which I love and I'll be ordering again soon.
Amanda, England (March 2008)

Sites like yours are my favourite things on the web.
Tim Hunkin, London, UK (December 2007)

I opened [the package] & immediately started wearing your earrings and the compliments!
I've never had so many people NOTICE my earrings, make compliments.
My Mother, who saw them this afternoon was extremely impressed and found your sense of proportion and design exquisite.
Marie-Christine, Montreal Canada (November 2007)

... I put in one pair of hoops and can't even tell I'm wearing anything. As someone who has suffered from skin reactions to almost everything, these are a life-saver for me.
I just wanted to write and say thanks, and that I love your jewelry!
Kerry, San Jose (September 2007)

I just wanted to thank you for your very quick service! It's likely I will be contacting you next month with another order for posts, as I'm gleefully converting all of my clip earrings to pierced that I can wear!
Sophia, Pennsylvania (February 2007)

This is my third order, my wife loves your art.
It'll be another happy birthday when she opens the box.
Charlie, Illinois (January 2007)

Thank you so much for my beautiful new rainbow triangle earrings! They are such cute little masterpieces, and I am really proud to wear them.
Another thank-you for your fast delivery of my order. You're the best!
Jacqueline from Miami (January 2007)

WOW,was that fast! I love them, I'll be back soon. Thank you,
Liana (Minnesota, November 2006)

I just wanted to say I am very happy with the earrings and am already recommending your site to others here in Germany.
Best regards
Louise (Gross-Gerau, Germany (Southwest of Frankfurt) January 2006)

Received the [custom] earrings last week and I absolutely love, love, love them.
Thanks so much,
Elaine (British Columbia, (Canada) December 2005)

Just wanted to tell you that my daughter and I think your site it great! She is in the 8th grade and is doing her science fair project on anodizing titanium. Your site has been a great help.
Thank you so much.
Molly and Hannah (Texas, November 2005)

I must say that I am incredibly impressed with the speed and quality of your work, and have already referred several people to your website. Expect to see more orders from me and others around Asheville in the future.
William (North Carolina, June 2005)

I have looked for eight years for titanium earrings and have finally found you! Thank you God! Am treating myself for my birthday and I thank you from the depths of my heart for this website and service to those of us who are allergic people like myself!
Naomi (Belfast, Antrim (UK), May 2005)

I recently got my order from you and am most pleased. Can't wait to wear them--but bought them as a Christmas gift from my husband for me.
I like your product and am sure I will be ordering again. Thank you.
Colleen (Indiana, Dec 2004)

In brief,
You rock!!!
Thank you.
Andrea (Repeat customer, California December 2004)

I just received my green titanium [chain] earrings that you made for me. They are beautiful and even prettier than the picture.
I am very pleased.
Thank you, Carole V.(Repeat customer, Florida, November 2004)

Just wanted to let you know again how impressed I am!
I received the chain this morning and am very pleased.
Kim (Pennsylvania, July 2004)

Yours is undoubtedly the most unique & pleasing titanium jewlery resource. I'm sure my girlfriend is going to love the ear rings I ordered.
Amit (California, March 2004)

The rings are gorgeous!
You would have gotten a 'kick' out of watching me wear it for the first few minutes... within a short while though, it was like it was 'meant to be there'.
[My Boyfriend] flipped, by the way. He loves it!
Thank you again. You're the best!
Wendy (Graphic Designer, New York, February 2004) (Persuaded me to make a matching pair of rings; I don't do rings!)

Oh, I LOVE my earrings! They came in yesterday, and I ... wore them for the evening, then have them in today. It is SO NICE to feel no itching, burning, or swelling! Thanks for making the extra wire sets available!
Happily bejeweled finally,
Brenda (North Carolina, Sept 2003) (Found my site by seeking truly hypo-allergenic earrings)

Dude, your website has been truly informative and entertaining. I thought I'd show some appreciation...
(This note arrived with a PayPal donation of $15) Terry (July 2003)

Your website is really very nice. I read some of the letters you received and wanted to let you know, I also truly enjoyed receiving my first order. It was packaged so sweetly with all three pairs of earrings neatly set in the box.
I am at it again! I will send a check today for the twist rainbow earrings. I really want the clock. Do you have any more clocks made up at this time? (I did.)
Repeat customer Camille (Illinois, June 2003)

Hi, Mr. Titanium
I wanted to let you know that I really love the earrings! I am a lover of titanium, only multi-colored of course. It's really hard to find earrings in this color! I will be ordering again as soon as I can.
Diane (California, January 27, 2003)
(footnote: on Feb 4, 2003, she did)

I have just visited your site and I have to tell you I am truly amazed. I am an artist, more of a painter, but I have never seen anything quite like your work, from your website to your hand mades. You have now made a fan out of me, and I will be visiting your work often to purchase, but also to just appreciate. It is truly fantastic!
Debbie (January 26, 2003)

The ear cuff fits perfectly....I love it.
I am allergic to everything except 14 Karat gold/above and Titanium. So glad that you are making jewelry out of it. Thank you!!!
Kris (Nevada, December 3, 2002)

Dan - Rec'd the [tie tack] w/out a problem and it's gorgeous ~ It will be a perfect gift for Jay!
Thanks for helping me make his holiday special.
Barb (Illinois, Nov 10, 2002)

Thank you, thank you. They [earrings] were here when I got home today (Monday) and they are beautiful!! I love that they have such a sweet box too. I am showing them to a friend tomorrow who's daughter has horribly sensitive skin and pierced ears and is very good friends with my daughter (they were the original reason I was so intrigued). So if you get another order from up this way it's probably from them.
Thank you again.
Luci (Illinois, Nov 4, 2002)

Hey Dan, that is what I call superior service. Thanks a million.
Dan (California, Nov 1, 2002)
(footnote: California Dan placed 2 separate custom orders)
See me making one of these orders

i havent taken [the custom designed pendant] off since i received it. you did a good job. i will try to think of other things that i can have you make. thanks.
Jason (Texas, Sep 26, 2002)

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