Titanium Chains, necklaces, chokers, and bracelets

Chain comparisonPeruse my variety of durable hypoallergenic titanium chains, available in any length you desire. Note: If you order colored, the color does eventually wear off, depending on on how roughly they are used. Yes, they can always be recolored, for a nominal fee.
1.8mm Thin Titanium Curb Chain
Very thin, yet elegant. Note: Does not show colors well.

2mm Flat Links Titanium Chain
This thin and elegant chain sparkles in the light, like facets.

2.8mm Open Link Titanium Chain
This is a smaller version of my 4mm open link chain See the larger version.

4.0mm Wide Link Titanium Chain
This medium size open link titanium chain is the larger of two sizes that I have. Very elegant.

2mm Double Serpentine Titanium Chain.
A classic and elegant style, moves nicely with its double interlocked links.

3.8mm Medium Titanium Curb Chain
This is the biggest and boldest chain I carry

1.5mm Ball Chain
Very thin and Dainty Titanium Ball Chain

2.3mm Standard Titanium Ball Chain
This is quite similar to the U.S. standard 2.4mm dog tag chain. But cannot corrode, and fully hypoallergenic.