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Art Earrings and Pendant Set #3
This inset-color titanium pendant and earring set will certainly draw attention. The earrings are 2½" long, and the pendant is 3½" wide. The color zones in the center catch the light differently than the magenta surround, adding depth.

If you have admired my work in the The Elements book by Theodore Gray, this may be the piece you want to have.
The rainbow titanium chain (same as my Ch30) measures 20" around including the pendant width, and can be worn shorter just by closing the lobster claw in any link.

Yours for $160.00
Sharp, golden, rippled titanium triangles
These look very sharp, both physically and metaphorically. Blue squiggles catch the light and shimmer as they dangle.
2" Long
Yours for $33.00 /pr
Triangular Earrings w/Fan and Rainbow.
These sit on the boundary of classy and playful. The wash of blues along the light-catching fan sets of the bright rainbow quite nicely.
1¾" along the hypotenuse
Yours for $42.00 /pr
Triangular Rainbow with Squiggles
These titanium Earrings are covered in colorful light-catching squiggles. No 2 pairs quite alike; colors will vary.
1¾" along the hypotenuse
Yours for $34.00 /pr
1/2 inch Titanium Ear Cuffs
Designed for the conch (anti-tragus or anti-helix) of the ear. These are popular designs.
½" diameter/wide
2mm Flat Links Titanium Chain
This thin and elegant chain sparkles in the light, like facets.