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An Element of the Elements

Titanium, named after the Greek Titans, was discovered in this realm over 200 years ago. It is a metal, the 4th most common elemental metal in Mother Earth's crust. Like aluminum, it is never found in its pure form. It must be coaxed from the natural crystals in which it is found.

The intricate ritual that wins metallic titanium from the earthy crystals such as rutile, ilmenite, and titanate requires precise application of energy (fire), solutions (water), and vapors (air). This was not accomplished until the 20th century.

Once we have the pure metal, then the true magic begins:

  • It is the strongest metal for its weight; as strong as steel, yet only a fraction heavier then aluminum.
  • You cannot be allergic to titanium! It is a primary material for prosthetic implants because of this.
  • The colors you see are not caused by any pigment or dye. The light itself is twisted to reveal colors through a carefully applied clear crystalline layer of Titania on the surface of the metal. In principle, much like the colors seen in the sheen of oil on water.

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